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Music by Joshua Vranas



Jet, Set, Go (Love is in the Air)

Simple Little Love (Sunset of the Summer Solstice)

Breathless Anticipation (The Final Act)

You Think You Can Come Back (Other)

When Will the Day End?/What's the Time? (Sunset of the Summer Solstice)

Trying to be Me (The Final Act)

Stuck on the Runway/Hero (Love is in the Air)

I Am a Simple Man (Unfinished Work)

Love is in the Air (Love is in the Air)

I See the World in Shades of Gray Without You (Other)

Time After Time (Other)

Remembering (Other)

Finally Got It Right (Love is in the Air)

There Will Be No Moon Tonight (Sunset of the Summer Solstice)

The Perfect Prize (Unfinished Work)

Dancing on the Stars (Other)

It Was Always Him (Sunset of the Summer Solstice)

One Day (The Final Act)



FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT is a revue of the music of Joshua Vranas, going through the hits of his musicals and including unfinished works and never-before-heard songs.

Cast Recordings

There are currently no recordings of FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT.


There are currently no videos of FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT.

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