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Music by Joshua Vranas

Book and Lyrics by Maggie Moe



If It Ain't Broke

Hate That Guy

Ginger, Spice, and Everything Nice


It's Okay to Be an Alien

The One

Love Wins



Type A Adam runs Grandma Hunny’s Bakery in Manhattan, which has been an East Village staple for decades. Created by the titular Grandma Hunny herself, the bakery boasts an acclaimed (and elusive) Gingerbread Cookie recipe that garners enough revenue during Christmas to keep the company afloat year round. That is, until Karma Cookies opens up across the street.

The vegan, Chia-Seed infested, diet-culture-warrior that is Karma lures Grandma Hunny’s former patrons into its clutches a la the Pied Piper and Adam and his sister Holly are left suddenly worried about making the rent. What worse, a particularly sexy Karma employee (Jason) has the nerve to BE NICE to Adam. Can you BELIEVE? Ugh.

When a baking contest offers enough money to salvage Grandma Hunny’s Bakery, it seems almost too good to be true. Well, it is: Adam has to work with the hot, so hot, did we mention HOT? Jason to represent East Village to make a quake-worthy gingerbread house and win the prize. With twists, turns, and enough sugar to give you Type 2 diabetes, Ginger Spice and Everything Nice is the gay Christmas romp we always wanted but didn’t know we needed. Let’s SHAKE and BAKE!

Cast Recordings

Original studio cast recording of GINGER, SPICE, and EVERYTHING NICE coming soon!


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