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softer now

songs by joshua vranas


1. eying

2. darling

3. ceiling fan

4. if this doesn't work out

5. homecoming

6. catching my breath

7. softer now

8. goofy (bonus track)

9. the worst thing that I ever did was heal (bonus track)


softer now is a pop album that responds to Lost Time. It details the highs and lows of love, self-image, and legacy. 


The first single on this new project, 'eying' was released in the spring of 2023. It came with a secret additional song, 'darling'. In August, the third single, 'if this doesn't work out', was released. This new pop album is completely written and produced by Joshua Vranas, and will be released September 1. 


Music Videos

Watch the lyric video of 'eying' here

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