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Music by Joshua Vranas

Book and Lyrics by Clare Fuyuko Bierman

Originally commissioned for the 2022-2023 season of Youth Theatre Northwest; Seattle, WA



Opening: Better Them

Run, Run, Run

Hours Ago

The Little Things

Number One

Did You See?

Written In The Stars

Not Done Writing Yet

Red Thread Run-Around

Celebrate Me


Run, Run, Run (Reprise)

Leaving the Labyrinth 

Finale: We Are What We Decide

Bows and Exit Music    

Interested in Licensing?

THESEUS & THE MINOTAUR & THE OTHER SIX is available for license by community theaters, children's theaters, and schools in all 50 states! Click the link below to check out the musical on New Play Exchange.

Click here!


In this brand-new musical, six middle schoolers wake up in a dark labyrinth. They’ve been selected as this year’s sacrifice to the horrifying monster, the Minotaur. When the seventh sacrifice appears, they meet Theseus, the hero of Athens and a total pompous idiot. He tells the kids that he’s going to save Athens by killing the Minotaur. The kids beg Theseus to protect them, but he tells them not to die and runs off to play hero. In a panicked frenzy, the kids split up and try to find a way out of the labyrinth. But on the way to becoming sacrifices, the kids meet the Minotaur who turns out to be a deeply misunderstood monster with a huge appetite. Heroes and Monsters are not always what they seem. 

Cast Recordings

Original studio cast recording of THESEUS & THE MINOTAUR & THE OTHER SIX coming soon!


Check out the Reel from the Premiere Production of THESEUS & THE MINOTAUR & THE OTHER SIX at Youth Theater Northwest!

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